Siren Sorbet

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Scent: coconut milk & jasmine
Texture: DIY Clay x sorbet base
Once mixed our sorbet slime becomes a fluffy inflatable slay slime texture! Super sizzly and almost doubles in size once the clay ice cream scoop is incorporated! The base consistency is similar to a jelly slime but almost enough snow to create an icee like appearance with a slight crunch from the beaded base which is so unique and satisfying to play with! This scent resembles one of our old best sellers if any of you guys have ever purchased our ocean floor frosting slime from a couple years back it has the same coconut milk scent with a hint of jasmine!


Please be aware as this product may contain borax, essential oils, food colorings, clay, fake snow, and Elmers pva glue. If you are allergic to any of those items or believe that it could be harmful to you specifically please refrain from purchasing. NOT EDIBLE


Products are not for resale. This policy is in place for the safety of the customer and shop. Any customer found reselling products will be banned from ever purchasing again. If you choose to purchase any re-sold products from another seller other than We will not be able to guarantee your safety towards the product. Buying resold slimes is extremely unsafe and does not reflect the quality of our products and business.